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Poem: We the People of the United States Hold High, and I Mean High Standards, A Combustible Litany by Heather J. Macpherson

This is way out of my comfort zone, but taking risks is a writing necessity so here we go:


We the people of the United States welcome you to the biggest shit-show of all time where if you want your pussy grabbed we can make it happen, but I say be your own Pussy Riot we

the people invite you to cross our borders because that’s what we do we invite, we decide,we choose and apparently we’ll throw your ass out because non-white men will rape and knock-up our white-women, but it’s okay because we’re pussy-grabbers and we the

people elect bogus reality stars with little hands not fit to grab pussy but open big mouths about blood gushing from wherever  because that’s what women do we bleed and bleed from orifice and orifice

            let me bleed all over your fields, Pliny, and kill your crops oh and we the people





we the people hold guns near and dear and sit on the edge of our sofas tweeting about little angel tragedies and skittles and hoodies and panicked police officers and we the people

forget who we are because we’re afraid of our identities they|we|zer| the people please

read Citizen

read Citizen

read Citizen

read Citizen

see the we see           the we that               we is all          all-we are court jesters on strings don’t feed into misogyny             see the we be an eye              be the eye that sees through we

the people are watched dogs is that what Whitman would say, no For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you       and you         and you       and you      and we the people need to take back the eye|I         the individual be            individual because we are divided                              split atoms and                                     God Damn Don’t You See We the

People are the Transparent Eyeball and the world SEES RIGHT THROUGH US.


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